Infraavest was established in 1992 to invest in marine terminals and operations. Over the past two decades, we have been expanding our marine terminal business steadily to include marine vessels to support the terminals.    


Today, Infraavest is involved in investments, shipbuilding, operations and management of marine terminals in Asia and Middle East.  Being an independent terminal operator, we are able to provide independent and cost effective solutions for terminal investments and operations in Asia and Middle East. 

Director’s Message

“Since graduating from Brunel University, UK, with a Bachelors in Science in Economics in 1995, I had an amazing working life having been involved in several industries, many failures and successes.

Prior to formally starting work, I was involved with a mechanical parking investment in Edinburgh and a “then” substantial hospitality investment in Queenstown. When those investments were exited, I started work at Yantai Raffles Shipyard (YRS) in 1998 as an Executive and left in 2012 as an Executive Director when Yantai Raffles was formally taken over by CIMC. In 2012, CIMC was the largest semi-submerisble rig builder in China and today remains an admired corporation throughout the world.

Since leaving CIMC, I joined Infraavest as an Executive Director. I was fortunate to have been left with solid investments to grow the portfolio. With my small team, I have added a pasta manufacturing plant, a seafood distribution business, an infant formula milk business, gas pipeline, to our existing portfolio.

It remains challenging everyday to steer the various investments we have and to say its all “up and up” is a lie! But we remain committed to what we do and enjoy the moments when it ultimately succeeds. Its lonely but satisfying.”

Malcolm Chang


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