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Investment profile

An innovative partnership between ADB and the Fauji Foundation in Pakistan has helped establish Pakistan's first and only oil terminal and distribution facility in the private sector - Fauji Oil Terminal & Distribution Company Limited (FOTCO). FOTCO is currently owned by Fauji Foundation of Pakistan and Infraavest Limited of Hong Kong, while National Bank of Pakistan and Banker's Equity Limited owns partial equity.

Under the stables of Infraavest Limited, we also have Asian Infrastructure Limited (AIL), which houses our shareholding for Asia Petroleum Limited (APL). APL is an oil transportation company, headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. It owns and operates an oil terminal and a pipeline system to transport residual fuel oil (RFO) from Pipri, Karachi to Hub Power Company Limited, a 1292 MW Independent Power Plant located in Balochistan province of Pakistan. APL is a JV between international investors: Pakistan State Oil, AIL, VECO International Inc, and Independent Petroleum Group.

Martens Marine is a ship management company owned by Infraavest Limited, providing a range of marine services including construction supervision, procurement and cost management, fleet operations, crew, and offshore support services for the marine industry.